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Work in Estonia


The tiny Baltic country of Estonia might be the world’s most digitally advanced society, but the size of it’s decreasing population of 1.3 million causes certain problems.

Lack of

There simply aren’t enough homegrown ICT specialists to keep e-Estonia running, meaning that there’s a desperate need to employ overseas experts.

The national

This is an issue that the Work in Estonia initiative is trying to address by introducing Estonia as an attractive working destination to potential, talented, would-be employees worldwide.


We decided to look to our neighbor Finland - a country that’s home to some of the best-known ICT experts. Although Finns don’t necessarily consider Estonia as a place to work, they do like to visit Estonia.

2,4 million
seeking a room

2,4 million Finnish tourists visit Estonia every year. That means a lot of Finns are constantly searching for rooms to rent in Estonia, but mostly for 1 night only.

A preference
for Airbnb

We knew young, tech-savvy ICT workers prefer to book rooms on Airbnb rather than some traditional sites. This gave us an idea…

We wanted Finns to stay longer and come work in Estonia.

Book a Job

Instead of just offering a room to rent, we introduced the concept of “Book a job” and set up a series of job offers on Airbnb.

Take a look:
(User: iac / Password: award)

Work @igniteWork @tietoWork @exceda

of 1200€

In true guerrilla-spirit, we aimed to maximize the effect of the minimal budget of just 1200€.

pick up

We saw it as a great opportunity to reach a much bigger audience than the actual number of people browsing Airbnb listings by getting the media to pick it up and spread our message for us.


„Book a job” on Airbnb was an instant success and was picked up by multiple Finnish print and online newspapers.

The total value of
earned media was

64 990 €


the main business
newspaper in Finland


the second biggest tabloid
and online media site in Finland

As a result, we reached our main
target audience and more than

2 000 000

Finnish readers

making them see Estonia as an interesting and innovative country to work in.

So next time you’re visiting Estonia, why not stay longer and come work in Estonia!